Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Team Schuerman

The other day I was saddened to learn that Samantha Schuerman from youtube, had closed her accounts. Both her beauty channel and her daily family vlog channel, Schuermanshow, do to cyber bullying. I could not believe that there can be so many hateful people that can actually spew hate and write horrible comments in the hopes of bringing people down to their sorry level of humanity, if they can be called that. There were many followers and fellow youtubers that were not about to take this laying down! By countless emails and videos made in support of the Schuermans they came back on yesterday to let those haters know that they are NOT going to win! I was SO happy to see TheSchuermanShow and SamanthaSchuerman back on youtube yesterday!

I am so happy to be part of the youtube community and I hope that each of us remember not to let those haters get us down. There are still loving positive people that are around to build us up. I have no idea what people get out of putting others down. It is beyond me. I only wish the best for all of you and if you come across a hater, DO NOT let them get you down. This is what they have set out for themselves, it is almost a mission of theirs to make sure that if they are down and feeling bad, it becomes their job to take everyone else down with them.

On a positive note, it's almost Christmas! I cannot believe it's almost here again. I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday season and if you need hair and makeup ideas, stop by my youtube channel. I am misssandycandy. I would love to help with any hair or makeup questions you may have!

<3 Sandy<3

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello Friends!

I wanted to let you all know that I started a new vlog channel where I upload tidbits of my days. It turns out to be very therapeutic. I challenge you all to document your life, just try it, and I believe you'll understand what I'm talking about. Even if you do not post it for the world to see, if you look back and watch what you were talking about or view the things that you do during your days, you can see how beautiful life really is. Sometimes during our days we don't sit back and enjoy the little things because we are worried what life brings us. I know I am guilty of just going about my day without really stopping and realizing what I really have. With the holidays coming up, I feel compelled to sit back and just see what's happening around me. Something I ask my 11 year old to do each day. You'll be glad you did because we all have things to learn about ourselves and others. Take care Friends! Have a great rest of your day and week if I don't speak with you all sooner...

For a natural makeup look, you should watch this...

for my newest vlog, watch this...

Love and Thankfulness

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Postive Vibes

Hello =)) Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. I am on a quest for knowledge. (and have been for a while, lol)  I have been watching another youtuber, KelliIntheRaw. She is SO interesting to me and I have always been drawn to those who have psychic abilities or those that see things that I cannot see. Things like entities, orbs, etc. Kelli has several series out on her psychic abilities and she speaks of AMAZING things such as (and I'm only naming a few), sending out INCREDIBLE pulses, & how to make a cloud disappear, and a slew of other amazing things. She has even died and come back to life. My babysitter as a child used to tell me her story of how she had died and come back to life as well. I have no idea how these "strange" things happen, but one thing I do know is that things do happen in this universe and we have no explanation as to why they happen, they just have happened. I know that one day, we will have all of the answers. One thing I am sure of is the power of positive thinking and sending positive vibes. How everything revolves around whatever you put out, what you put out is what you will receive back. I always try to remember this and have realized the power of positive thinking and that whatever you think about, think about it hard, and it will happen. I know this sounds like it cannot be, but I am a believer and am out on the quest to prove that it is so. Comment and tell me what you all think...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How exciting!! It's October and we know what that means...Halloween time!!! Here is my first costume idea this Halloween. My son wants to be Freddy Krueger this year so I thought I would practice first. It turned out Awesome I think. Check it out at the end of this post. I will, however, be adding liquid latex for his face because he wants the "real deal" lol! Today we went to the pumpkin patch! We had so much fun sliding down the HUGE slide, playing at the train, sticking our heads in those silly little holes, going on the hay ride, and we got to pick out our pumpkins to carve! It was a ton of fun! Hope you all are doing well, leave me comment telling what you all are planning to be for this Halloween...

Click the link below to view the video!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Urban Decay!!!

Hello =)) I finally got my shipment in a couple of days ago but my life is SO busy I have not been able to post anything! I have so many things I want to do but there is just not enough time. My mom is in town and seeing her made me realize just how much I miss having her here just five minutes away. She is now living in North Carolina, about four hours away. She's only been gone for a couple of months now but those of you who are close to someone and having them move away will know what I mean. Well, on to the makeup!

I ordered the 15 Anniversary Palette and the colors are AMAZING!!! I did swatches of what the shadows look with the Urban Decay Primer Potion, the original one, and swatches of the shadows without the primer potion. The shadows are so pigmented that you do not notice a difference between with our without the potion. BUT, If you would like the shadows to last all day without creasing, then Urban Decay Primer Potion is a must. Here are the pictures. I hope you all have a magnificent day!!

I also got some Urban Decay Cream Shadows that are AMAZING as well! Take a look!!

I was playing around with the 15 Year Anniversary Palette, you can view it here.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day Two

Hello out there! This is day 2 as a new blogger. Currently I am so excited because I am waiting for my Urban Decay shipment to come in. I haven't gotten my hands on the Naked Palette, however, I did order the 15th anniversary palette. So Exciting!!!! (and a couple more things) I will post pictures here. You all may visit my youtube channel as well if you are interested in anything beauty related (hair/makeup). I also post "day in the life..." videos too... my name is misssandycandy (youtube)

I also need to show you all the new highlites I gave myself yesterday. So hard to do on yourself!! I would show you today, but it is a rainy and dismal day.

I have to quickly get myself ready and go get my 3 year old son his outfit for this Quince that he is in this Saturday. Talk to you all soon!! Fun pics soon to come... Exciting things are brewing!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

This is my first blog post. I'm not sure what to write about except for some ideas that I have in my head. There is a book I want to write. I was with my father yesterday and we have re-connected after many years of not seeing one another. This year we have gotten close again and I couldn't be happier. I remember hearing his stories as a child and yesterday he was telling another one and I knew then what I wanted to do. I want to write a book containing all of his life story. I think it would help me to understand why things may have happened the way they did. (I'm speaking of the divorce he and my mother had when I was six.) I think we can all benefit from knowing our past. It can give us insight into who we are. I would also like to do one for my mother and possibly my step dad, but maybe my sister would benefit from that more...