Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day Two

Hello out there! This is day 2 as a new blogger. Currently I am so excited because I am waiting for my Urban Decay shipment to come in. I haven't gotten my hands on the Naked Palette, however, I did order the 15th anniversary palette. So Exciting!!!! (and a couple more things) I will post pictures here. You all may visit my youtube channel as well if you are interested in anything beauty related (hair/makeup). I also post "day in the life..." videos too... my name is misssandycandy (youtube)

I also need to show you all the new highlites I gave myself yesterday. So hard to do on yourself!! I would show you today, but it is a rainy and dismal day.

I have to quickly get myself ready and go get my 3 year old son his outfit for this Quince that he is in this Saturday. Talk to you all soon!! Fun pics soon to come... Exciting things are brewing!!


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