Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hi Friends!

How are you all doing this week! I can't believe it's Wednesday already! (I am writing this at 12:30 am) Today was the day that I go in to my apprenticeship program. It is at House Studio in Washington, D.C.. I am so happy about my new apprenticeship! If there is something that you really want to do in your life, my suggestion is to do it! (of course if it will bring positivity in your life) If you don't end up trying you will always have a regret. Another piece of advice. Do all of this BEFORE you have children because if not will be all that much harder for you to explore what you want out of life when you have to concentrate on raising a family.

Today I learned more of the Premiere editing program. Last week my assignment was to interview some of the people that work there. The point being to get a lot of footage so that  I could have enough to work with. It was difficult at first because I am a rather shy person so walking up to people I don't know, introducing myself and then asking them if I can interview them, was nerve racking. In all actuality it was not so awful; the people there are very nice. I got through that and learned how to properly upload the footage to my desktop. Then I learned how to put the segments together. I continued on by working on the lighting. Messing up is the best way to learn and doing things over and over works wonders.

On to bed, I will talk to you all tomorrow!

Good night =))

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New & Exciting Things are Brewing!

Hello Friends!

I am happy for this new year to come and all in entails! I am going through some very exciting changes and events that I have never done in my life. First thing I am doing different is I am attending an apprenticeship with an Amazing cinematographer! I found a love for shooting and editing beauty and vlog type videos through the Wonderful world of Youtube, which began in 2009. Ever since my interest into this world, I found a love for editing. Since then I had a want to learn Final Cut Pro. With this program the sky's the limit; your imagination can take you very far! I can't wait till I know enough to really sit down and play. I am actually learning Premiere but I know it's pretty much the same gist. I am so thankful for finding this school! (The Film Connection)

Some more exciting news is that I am going to a business school so that I can go into some new various business endeavors with knowledge. This will not only help me with my opening a new online site, beauty focused, of course, but it will also help me with my own Beauty Salon, MissSandyCandy Hair Salon.com *EDIT* I closed this site. I will open a new one soon...This site is still under construction so if you click on this now (January 19, 2013) then it is not to my par. The pics are not mine so I have to do a lot of changing. Which leads me to my new life. BUSY BUSY BUSY me!! I have no time for anything! I am trying so for that I will give myself a pat on the back, lol!

I hope you all enjoy reading about me and my crazy life. I am going to start writing here daily so that I can have a way of venting my feelings. I need this and I coax you all to do the same. You have no idea how helpful it is to write out the events in your life, whether it is privately or not, it all helps. It just gives you a way to sort out life even if it may not seem to at the time. Trust me, it helps!

Take care, my friends, and happy Saturday!

O yeah, I almost forgot! I am going to a small reunion with some school friends I had in Italy, from middle school, tonight! I can't wait to see them! Brinidisi High School (the middle and high school were together because there weren't too many students) memories here I come!!!!!

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