Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
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Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello Friends!

I wanted to let you all know that I started a new vlog channel where I upload tidbits of my days. It turns out to be very therapeutic. I challenge you all to document your life, just try it, and I believe you'll understand what I'm talking about. Even if you do not post it for the world to see, if you look back and watch what you were talking about or view the things that you do during your days, you can see how beautiful life really is. Sometimes during our days we don't sit back and enjoy the little things because we are worried what life brings us. I know I am guilty of just going about my day without really stopping and realizing what I really have. With the holidays coming up, I feel compelled to sit back and just see what's happening around me. Something I ask my 11 year old to do each day. You'll be glad you did because we all have things to learn about ourselves and others. Take care Friends! Have a great rest of your day and week if I don't speak with you all sooner...

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Love and Thankfulness

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