Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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I wanted to let you all know that I am licensed cosmetologist so if you have any requests at all, if you are a hair stylist and you have a question such as how to do a certain hair cut, highlight or color just let me know. Hit this link here http://www.youtube.com/user/misssandycandy  

and I will be happy to help! Or leave me a message here https://www.facebook.com/MissSandyCandy
Any type of question, I'd be happy to help.

Talk to you soon!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

What is an Eye Base?

This is the fun part about makeup. Playing with various colors of bases and how they can make your eye shadows appear. An eye base is not the same as an eye primer. You apply an eye primer to your eyes first, after your lotion has set in if you used any. The eye primer makes it so your eye shadow stays put all day and some act like a base also, depending if it has a bit of color. For example, Urban Decay Primer Potion is lighter in color so it could act like a base.

Eye bases come in a variety of colors. For instance, if you apply a dark base, like black, in to the outer corners and apply a white base on to your lid. Make sure to blend it out, but not too much or you'll end up blending out the product too much Blend out the edges. Now, apply a white shadow on top of the base on the lid, blending out the ends. For the dark base, apply a dark shadow to the outer corners on top of the base. In this example, by applying these bases under the shadows you are giving the shadow something to stick to and the best part about using a base is that it can really bring out and make your shadows pop!

Now you can play around with the different bases, use a variety of colors to see what does what.

Check some bases out here http://www.misssandycandy.com/primers--bases.html

Monday, June 17, 2013

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It's simple, just join me on my links above and you will be entered. Each month I will be giving away a product from my sight. This month's Giveaway is Mac's Candy Yum Yum! A beautiful pink color, if you already have this shade, you may pick from the Mac lip chart in lipstick section of the product sections. I like to thank you all for your support!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ombre without the Commitment

I have seen my share of Ombre hair lately and after so long I am still in love with the look. Getting the look without having to actually lighten or darken your hair  is really quite easy. All you have to do is use clip in  extensions.

Think about your hair, is your hair dark or light? All you have to remember about the Ombre look is contrast. So, if your hair  is light, add in black,  brown, red, pink, blue, etc., on the bottom. It could be gradual or not. If your hair is dark, you can add blond, red, blue, pink, etc., again it's all about the contrast. Some people like having your hair look out grown and some like the gradual color all the way down the hair shaft.

If you are going to try this, make sure you take the length of your hair, especially your layers, in consideration with your extensions. The extensions need to be able to show through as your bottom layer, this means that your layers have to be cut especially for your extensions. Section your hair up at the bottom, by taking two inches from the bottom and clip your hair away, clip in the extensions. If your hair is healthy you may need to lightly backcomb the root area so that the clip ins will not slide through the hair shaft. Take down a couple of inches more and do the same thing, teasing at the root before you clip in the extensions will help.

Watch this video to help you add in extensions.


Thanks for all your support!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Add Products to Your Hair Properly ~ Styling your Hair for the Summer

Do you just take a handful of product and work it through your hair only to find out the product did not work? Maybe this will help.

Begin by washing your hair, follow this link if you want advice on how to wash your hair: 
Towel  dry your hair appropriately, do not take the towel and vigorously rub at your scalp or hair shaft, this will cause breakage or weaken your hair. Begin by splitting your hair in half at the nape of your neck. Then split it in another half going from the top, crown section of your head, to the back of your ear; this makes four sections. Take a small amount of conditioner and run it through the back left  portion, you can always add more if you need to, then take a little more product and spread it through the opposite back section. Take a bit more for the front left and then a little more for the opposite front section. Now that you have the product everywhere,  use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to comb through the sections. If you wear your hair natural then leave your hair to air dry.  If your hair is curly or wavy then you should use a product that adds texture. Apply the product in the same way as the  leave in conditioner and then let the hair air dry.

For ringlets, this time start  in the back. Take a clip and section everything but two inches, more or less depending on how much hair you have, at the nape of your neck. Take a dime size amount of either texture cream, mouse mixed with gel, or your favorite product for curls, and apply it to that small two inch section, make sure that section is coated enough from root to ends. Next, take about an inch sub-section and curl that section by twirling with your finger all the way down, top to bottom. Take your next sub-section  and twirl it in the opposite direction. Keep going through that section twisting each sub-section in the opposite direction. After you are done with that section, let down another two inch, give or take, section and apply the product to that section. Begin twirling the first sub-section and then a second in the opposite direction.  Keep doing this until you get to the top, then part your hair with a middle part or a side part. After you part your head, continue taking small sections through your sides, continue twisting in alternate directions, meeting at your part. Let this air dry. This is perfect for the Spring and Summer.

Video coming soon...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Cut Textured, Curly or Wavy Hair


Start off at your part, it does not matter if you part in the middle or on the side. Take a section, about a 1/2 of an inch wide, bring the section up, coming up from your scalp. The amount that you take off of this section is how short your layers will be. If you cut this section short, you will have short layers throughout your hair. Bring the section out from your scalp, it appears up at the top. Take off as much as you like, I am taking only an inch off. I like to "point cut", but you can cut straight.  You have taken your whole parting which should be about 4 inches long at the top. Now, let it fall down on both sides of your part. Section off the front from the back by going from the top, crown, of your head all the way to the back of your ears, use a clip to clip away the back on both sides.

Now you have only the front section out, ear to ear,  take about 1/2 inch below the first main section, take it horizontally, out from the way your hair comes out of your head, find your guide and trim that section. Keep doing this until you get to your temples. At your temples the hair grows down because your head is round. Switch to vertical sections because you are going to blend, going from the layers you just added to your ends. Take vertical sections, about a 1/2 inch depending on how much hair you have. Keep taking these vertical sections all the way throughout out both sides, meeting your layers to your ends. After you are done, take the top section and bring the hair forward and cut anything that does not make the line straight. Bring in the sides to meet that straight front line, you will know which hairs do not fit. There should be a straight line going from your left to your right side, when you bring all the hair forward. Shake your head and check to make sure your layers are even on both sides.

Now it is time to go to the back, begin by taking your crown section, which is the hair at the top of your head where you would place your crown if you were a king or queen. Bring this section up to meet your very first section, cut the section to meet the top section. Now you have a guide for the back section. Take vertical sections, not too thick, maybe about 1/2 inch, and blend the top  layer into the bottom/length. You can cut into it by going down the hair shaft to meet the ends or by going up the hair shaft to meet the shorter layers. Keep with this sectioning all the way till you get to the middle of the back, then go to the other side and do the same, taking vertical sections and blending them from the top layers into the ends.

After you finish the back, you are going to ensure all is even by taking horizontal sections, starting right beneath the crown and lifting it to meet the top, trim anything that does not belong. You will notice what you need to cut because it needs to be straight. Keep taking your horizontal sections and over-direct them up to the top/crown layers. Over-direct means not taking it out from the head but bringing the hair section away to save your length. Cut any hairs that are not in place.

You should watch the video to get a better understanding on the directions I give here. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Instyler

This product is Amazing for both straight and curly hair. There are a lot of different reviews, but this occurs a lot of the time when a new product comes out. Being that there is a huge difference between curly and straight hair, this means that there is a different way of doing things. The following are essential when you are using any type of heat source in your hair. A lot of the following actions will help with the problems that most are having when it comes to curly hair and the Instyler.

* Always use a heat protectant
* Prepare your hair. This means if  you have curly hair, use a product that aids in straightening hair. Use a product for volume
  if you would like more volume.
* If you have straight hair and you would like volume, you are going to use the Instyler different than if you have curly hair.
* For curly hair, your sections are going to be a lot smaller than if you have straight hair.
* Normally I would recommend not using the Instyler until your hair is about 80% dry, however, with curly hair, you cannot
  wait for the hair to dry too much because it will dry with the natural wave and it will be harder to style.
* For curly hair, spray heat protectant in sections throughout your hair and comb through to ensure even distribution. Then you
  want to take a section, about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. Add in your straightening spray or serum or cream on this section. Start
  with the Instyler, going through the section until it is straight. Once it is dry and straight, take another small section and start
  over with the product etc. This will take a long time. Start in the front, this is usually where hair dries quicker.
* With straight hair, after your hair is towel dried (get rid of excess wetness), apply your heat protectant, comb through
   for even distribution. Let your hair air dry, or use a blow dryer, till it's about 80% dry. Then you can apply a mousse, spray or             
   cream for volume. You can do this at once or in sections depending on your hair's thickness. Now take sections, 1 inch,
  depending on your hair's thickness again, and use the Instyler.

This takes time to get it right but you can use this as another way to style your hair. I will be doing a video tutorial soon...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Come Visit me on MissSandyCandy.com

Hello Friends!

I have the most EXCITING news! I have finally opened my beauty website, http://www.misssandycandy.com/! 

It took a lot of hard work but all of that just makes the end result even better! 

The site is always evolving as I add more and more products each day. In the near future I will be adding hair products as well. We carry a variety of makeup products to suit everyone because there is a variety of makeup brands out there!  If there is something you would like me to special order for you, I will gladly do so!

I will be doing product reviews on my blog within the site. Here I will give you a review of a specific product. When I review the product I will tell you about it and add some helpful  ratings so that you will be able to compare the products better. The ratings range between 1-5, 5 being the highest. I will also compare pigmentation, application, lastingness, cost and my  thoughts on repurchasing  the product.

You will also find quick tutorials on the home page especially designed to show you makeup tips and tricks.

Please take the time to visit me on the site,  it would really make my day! If you  have any questions or comments you can email me at MissSandyCandyBeauty@gmail.com

Here  is the link to the site.

Here is my Youtube page where you can find hair tutorials.

Thank you for all your support!



Monday, March 25, 2013

Ever Wondered How to Cut Textured Layers?

Hi Friends!

I hope you all are doing well! I want to share my new video with you! In the video I am cutting my 4 year old son's hair! His hair had gotten rather long again so I brought the length up and added shorter layers. The concepts shown in this video can be added to long hair as well.  I hope you will find this useful. Please click here watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2U6FySyMq8

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hi Friends!

How are you all doing this week! I can't believe it's Wednesday already! (I am writing this at 12:30 am) Today was the day that I go in to my apprenticeship program. It is at House Studio in Washington, D.C.. I am so happy about my new apprenticeship! If there is something that you really want to do in your life, my suggestion is to do it! (of course if it will bring positivity in your life) If you don't end up trying you will always have a regret. Another piece of advice. Do all of this BEFORE you have children because if not will be all that much harder for you to explore what you want out of life when you have to concentrate on raising a family.

Today I learned more of the Premiere editing program. Last week my assignment was to interview some of the people that work there. The point being to get a lot of footage so that  I could have enough to work with. It was difficult at first because I am a rather shy person so walking up to people I don't know, introducing myself and then asking them if I can interview them, was nerve racking. In all actuality it was not so awful; the people there are very nice. I got through that and learned how to properly upload the footage to my desktop. Then I learned how to put the segments together. I continued on by working on the lighting. Messing up is the best way to learn and doing things over and over works wonders.

On to bed, I will talk to you all tomorrow!

Good night =))

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New & Exciting Things are Brewing!

Hello Friends!

I am happy for this new year to come and all in entails! I am going through some very exciting changes and events that I have never done in my life. First thing I am doing different is I am attending an apprenticeship with an Amazing cinematographer! I found a love for shooting and editing beauty and vlog type videos through the Wonderful world of Youtube, which began in 2009. Ever since my interest into this world, I found a love for editing. Since then I had a want to learn Final Cut Pro. With this program the sky's the limit; your imagination can take you very far! I can't wait till I know enough to really sit down and play. I am actually learning Premiere but I know it's pretty much the same gist. I am so thankful for finding this school! (The Film Connection)

Some more exciting news is that I am going to a business school so that I can go into some new various business endeavors with knowledge. This will not only help me with my opening a new online site, beauty focused, of course, but it will also help me with my own Beauty Salon, MissSandyCandy Hair Salon.com *EDIT* I closed this site. I will open a new one soon...This site is still under construction so if you click on this now (January 19, 2013) then it is not to my par. The pics are not mine so I have to do a lot of changing. Which leads me to my new life. BUSY BUSY BUSY me!! I have no time for anything! I am trying so for that I will give myself a pat on the back, lol!

I hope you all enjoy reading about me and my crazy life. I am going to start writing here daily so that I can have a way of venting my feelings. I need this and I coax you all to do the same. You have no idea how helpful it is to write out the events in your life, whether it is privately or not, it all helps. It just gives you a way to sort out life even if it may not seem to at the time. Trust me, it helps!

Take care, my friends, and happy Saturday!

O yeah, I almost forgot! I am going to a small reunion with some school friends I had in Italy, from middle school, tonight! I can't wait to see them! Brinidisi High School (the middle and high school were together because there weren't too many students) memories here I come!!!!!

Don't forget to visit me on my youtube beauty channel, MissSandyCandy