Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Team Schuerman

The other day I was saddened to learn that Samantha Schuerman from youtube, had closed her accounts. Both her beauty channel and her daily family vlog channel, Schuermanshow, do to cyber bullying. I could not believe that there can be so many hateful people that can actually spew hate and write horrible comments in the hopes of bringing people down to their sorry level of humanity, if they can be called that. There were many followers and fellow youtubers that were not about to take this laying down! By countless emails and videos made in support of the Schuermans they came back on yesterday to let those haters know that they are NOT going to win! I was SO happy to see TheSchuermanShow and SamanthaSchuerman back on youtube yesterday!

I am so happy to be part of the youtube community and I hope that each of us remember not to let those haters get us down. There are still loving positive people that are around to build us up. I have no idea what people get out of putting others down. It is beyond me. I only wish the best for all of you and if you come across a hater, DO NOT let them get you down. This is what they have set out for themselves, it is almost a mission of theirs to make sure that if they are down and feeling bad, it becomes their job to take everyone else down with them.

On a positive note, it's almost Christmas! I cannot believe it's almost here again. I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday season and if you need hair and makeup ideas, stop by my youtube channel. I am misssandycandy. I would love to help with any hair or makeup questions you may have!

<3 Sandy<3

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