Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Postive Vibes

Hello =)) Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. I am on a quest for knowledge. (and have been for a while, lol)  I have been watching another youtuber, KelliIntheRaw. She is SO interesting to me and I have always been drawn to those who have psychic abilities or those that see things that I cannot see. Things like entities, orbs, etc. Kelli has several series out on her psychic abilities and she speaks of AMAZING things such as (and I'm only naming a few), sending out INCREDIBLE pulses, & how to make a cloud disappear, and a slew of other amazing things. She has even died and come back to life. My babysitter as a child used to tell me her story of how she had died and come back to life as well. I have no idea how these "strange" things happen, but one thing I do know is that things do happen in this universe and we have no explanation as to why they happen, they just have happened. I know that one day, we will have all of the answers. One thing I am sure of is the power of positive thinking and sending positive vibes. How everything revolves around whatever you put out, what you put out is what you will receive back. I always try to remember this and have realized the power of positive thinking and that whatever you think about, think about it hard, and it will happen. I know this sounds like it cannot be, but I am a believer and am out on the quest to prove that it is so. Comment and tell me what you all think...

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