Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Cut Textured, Curly or Wavy Hair


Start off at your part, it does not matter if you part in the middle or on the side. Take a section, about a 1/2 of an inch wide, bring the section up, coming up from your scalp. The amount that you take off of this section is how short your layers will be. If you cut this section short, you will have short layers throughout your hair. Bring the section out from your scalp, it appears up at the top. Take off as much as you like, I am taking only an inch off. I like to "point cut", but you can cut straight.  You have taken your whole parting which should be about 4 inches long at the top. Now, let it fall down on both sides of your part. Section off the front from the back by going from the top, crown, of your head all the way to the back of your ears, use a clip to clip away the back on both sides.

Now you have only the front section out, ear to ear,  take about 1/2 inch below the first main section, take it horizontally, out from the way your hair comes out of your head, find your guide and trim that section. Keep doing this until you get to your temples. At your temples the hair grows down because your head is round. Switch to vertical sections because you are going to blend, going from the layers you just added to your ends. Take vertical sections, about a 1/2 inch depending on how much hair you have. Keep taking these vertical sections all the way throughout out both sides, meeting your layers to your ends. After you are done, take the top section and bring the hair forward and cut anything that does not make the line straight. Bring in the sides to meet that straight front line, you will know which hairs do not fit. There should be a straight line going from your left to your right side, when you bring all the hair forward. Shake your head and check to make sure your layers are even on both sides.

Now it is time to go to the back, begin by taking your crown section, which is the hair at the top of your head where you would place your crown if you were a king or queen. Bring this section up to meet your very first section, cut the section to meet the top section. Now you have a guide for the back section. Take vertical sections, not too thick, maybe about 1/2 inch, and blend the top  layer into the bottom/length. You can cut into it by going down the hair shaft to meet the ends or by going up the hair shaft to meet the shorter layers. Keep with this sectioning all the way till you get to the middle of the back, then go to the other side and do the same, taking vertical sections and blending them from the top layers into the ends.

After you finish the back, you are going to ensure all is even by taking horizontal sections, starting right beneath the crown and lifting it to meet the top, trim anything that does not belong. You will notice what you need to cut because it needs to be straight. Keep taking your horizontal sections and over-direct them up to the top/crown layers. Over-direct means not taking it out from the head but bringing the hair section away to save your length. Cut any hairs that are not in place.

You should watch the video to get a better understanding on the directions I give here. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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