Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
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Monday, March 10, 2014

The ZigZag Parting

I know styles come and go and I've been waiting for the ZigZag parting to come around again. I know, I feel old, haha!  But when I saw the Hair from some of the designers for Spring/Summer 2015 I saw the zigzag parting. I was so happy! Of course when it comes around again the look is always a little different. This time the parting is a lot deeper, meaning going from one side to the other. I will say, if you are going to use this parting, part your hair first then add in any styling product or it will be too difficult to add in after it is styled.  (for curly look. for straight hair you can do it after the hair is dry, but before hair spray) Tomorrow I am going to try this with straight hair, but if you watch the video below this is how it will look on curled, textured hair. Can't wait for the Spring. I am so over the cold!!

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